Best baby bottle for breastfed babies

Breastfeeding has numerous benefit to both the baby and mother, as the baby is able to get important nutrients from the mother which isn’t in formulae milk. Although after several months of breastfeeding as a mother, you might want to consider alternating breastfeeding with bottle feeding.

The first few months after your newborn arrives you constantly breastfeed. Sometimes the milk is a lot and you might be required to express and store in baby bottles for later feeds when you are not around.

Going back to work for a nursing mother can be a challenging moment and you need to be prepared to leave your baby to a professional nanny or help while you are away. A good baby bottle for your baby’s regular feeding will make the transition period smooth and the baby might not notice the difference if handled well.

We have different types of baby bottles in the market from glass, plastic and disposable ones. Many homes use a plastic baby bottle as they are nonbreakable compared to glass bottles. Things are changing as glass bottles are being accepted as they warm the milk faster, they are durable having a protective cover for easy grip and are easy to clean as the milk smell doesn’t linger on its walls.

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mother would like her baby to enjoy bottle feeding as much as breastfeeding and good bottles need to have these qualities. Most babies are affected by colic and gas if they use a bottle that makes them swallow a lot of air as they suckle. if your baby is taking most of its meals from the bottle you might want the best for them. A lot of research and shopping will be required.  Most newborns feed expressly after every one hour and need a bottle with a friendly tip that has a slow flow to prevent choking. With so many innovative designs in the market, you have a variety to choose from that can assist in health issues like colic and gas as your baby enjoys her feed.

If you choose the wrong bottle this will have an impact on your baby feeding positively or negatively as the baby can reject the bottle or accept it. cleaning of the bottle should be done before feeding the baby, depending on the bottle features, some are hand-washed, others you can dishwash or sterilize with a microwave. remember the baby stomach is very sensitive and hygiene should be adhered to always when handling baby’s equipment.

The best bottles should have Anti-colic feature, easy to clean and grasp, a friendly tip that is smooth and mimic the mother’s nipple for easy tongue movement for baby to feed well. Most brands that are preferred by many mums are Avent, Comotomo, Dr. Brown, Mam, and Lasinoh bottles to name a few.

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