What are the Best dog crates for puppies?

It’s heading into winter and you know we all want to stay indoors to cosy on the warm fire or snuggle the pillow with a warm cuppa. However, I just checked myself and realised I need to keep myself active for the sake of the dogs. As a result I have decided to get my son a puppy. Wait… I need a few essentials including a den aka a dog crate to house train him and make him feel safe. Basically I am in the hunt for the best dog crate that offers value for money but also reliable as I don’t want the puppy to chew through it since I intend to use if from puppyhood to adulthood.

Lets start shopping?

Best Dog crates List

My first port of call was Google, since it seems like they have archieved every website and would provide me with the answers I was looking for. Well this is a suprise, from what I am reading on the first pages. All the answers point to metal & wire crates being universally accepted as the best overall. However, below are all the categories of the best dog crates you can buy online:-

– Metal Dog Cages & Crates,
– Plastic Dog Crates & Cages,
– Soft Dog Crates & Cages,
– Dog Carriers & Dog Bags.

Me being a savy buyer will obviously take everything with a pinch of salt and with my little knowledge I have drafted a few questions I think need to be answered before you procure an essential item like puppy crate or a dog kennel.

Is a soft-sided dog crate better than a wire crate for puppies?

I think the answer is No, reason being puppies will wrip that once they start teething. All creatures are the same when they are young, they tend to learn by putting things in their mouth.

What is the best crate for transporting my puppy to the vets: Plastic or Soft sided?

I found out the best crates for transporting a puppy or a dog would be a dog plastic crate. However, this is dependant on the size of you puppy and how the crate has been designed. Most brands and manufacturers have had their products tested and approved as airline safe therefore for transporting I would try and find an airline approved dog crate like Vari kennels (Sky kennels) or Trixie Gulliver.

Buyers guide to buying a dog crates

Dog size

Crates are developed for small to large dog crates. Most manufacturers will offer a wide range of sizes. Finding the perfect dog cage for your four-legged friend should be a big task if you follow this first guide point and you will be surprised what bargains you could snatch especially now we are heading into winter (black friday deals, cyber monday deals, christmas & boxin day) prices.

Dog Character

If you have a suttle dog then you might be happy with a soft sided, however, Metal dog crates would be ideal for a more aggresive dog like Bluetick coonhound or German pinscher. I would have said pit bull but they are illegal in the UK.

Is it sturdy?

The good news is most Dog Cages come with some sort of warranty especially the branded one. The metal ones have used quality steel wire making them good to shelter any dog breed and cats.

How easy is it to clean and maintain?

You cant live in a messy house, same for your dog. Therefore, you need a crate that will be easy to maintain and clean. I tend to look for one which has detachable parts or that can be hosed down easily. I know you want one like that.

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