Best Dog Harness for Small & Large Dogs

Shopping for a new dog harness? We’ve tried out some of the most popular picks around, paying close attention to safety and comfort.
A dog harness gives you more control over your pet than a traditional collar, also reducing strain on the animal’s neck. In our expert guide, we round up the best dog harnesses worth taking a closer look at, whatever your budget. Whether you’re dealing with a mischievous puppy that needs training, or an older dog that finds traditional collars restrictive, a pet harness can prove to be an effective alternative. To help you pick the perfect dog harness for your pet, we’ve tried out some of the most popular options on our own dogs. We’ve also teamed up with the Blue Cross animal centre to offer some advice on how to fit a dog harness – check our video for some top tips. Without taking a look at our first look reviews, you run the risk of buying a dog harness that’s uncomfortable for your pet. While the best we’ve seen will guarantee a hassle-free walkies, others are awkward to put on.

dog wearing harness

What is the best style of harness?

There are plenty of different styles of harness on the market, but the most comfortable usually have a type of saddle on the back that helps the harness remain in better position without twisting.

What is the best type of harness for a tricky dog?

If you have a dog that pulls on the lead every time you go for a walk, consider a front-range harness with a leash ring on the chest strap. These are proven to work wonders at getting a dog to heel. If you have an especially powerful lead-puller then invest in a double-lead balance system such as the Mekuti, reviewed in this roundup.

The best dog harnesses for 2020.

If you’re shopping for a pet harness and want to know which options to consider, take a look at our best dog harness tables below. We’ve put a few harnesses through their paces, from big-name brands including Julius K9, Perfect Fit, The Company of Animals and PetSafe. The most expensive harness we tested costs around £45, but we’ve also had hands (and paws) on cheaper options starting at just £3. Below, you can see our top picks table. Scroll down to see our round-up of what we thought of the other dog harnesses we tried out.

How to fit a dog harness.

We teamed up with the Blue Cross to put together a video to help you fit a dog harness. From how to train your dog to get used to a harness, from what a good fit looks like, our video’s got you covered.